Today is 23rd May. Yes, that is the same date that LOST ended. Last year, I marked the occasion by posting a new section on the website called the Hero’s Journey.

This year, I present you the TIMELINE section. It is basically all the events in my chapters summarized in bullet points chronologically. I just thought that it would give reader a better idea of the time frame that the chapters covered.

Check it out here:




After almost a year since I started this personal project, I am proud to say that I’ve completed it.

Feel free to read the final chapter:

A Game of Light and Dark

We began with The Island and the conflict between Jacob & MIB in the first two chapters. The story have since then wandered to other things such as Alvar, DHARMA, Widmore and Hawking in subsequent chapters. I wanted put the Jacob/MIB plot back in the forefront because I think it would be nice to have a circular structure to the overall story that I’m writing.

It was also an opportunity to try to shed more light into Dogen, Ilana and Locke’s role to the overall story.

– John Locke was my favourite character from LOST. Not because of how cool he was but by how pathetic he was throughout the show. We’ve waited for the time he will step up and overcome all the manipulations/bullying being done to him. But nop, he died a fool in the end.

Perhaps the saddest part was that he was RIGHT from the beginning. MIB told Ben that he admired Locke for the fact that he was the only one who didn’t want to leave the Island. Locke immediately knew the BIG PICTURE from the get go: They were brought to this Island for a purpose. Too bad he went over his head and act recklessly later.

Locke had the right idea but not the right execution.

– Ilana Verdansky. I’ve made it clear before that Ilana and her mysterious group doesn’t interest me as much as the Widmore/Hawking story. I got writer’s block when I came to the point where I had to write about Dogen and Ilana. I had several ideas on how they got to where they are now. Then I just left the chapter unfinished when I started my postgraduate course in Uni last Fall.

Yes, I took a break from this website and it was only recently where I decided to just finish the chapter. Looking back at Ilana’s character in S6, I’ve always find her to be trying to hard to have things under control. It was as if she has something she desperately want to prove to someone.

  • So I came up with the idea of Ilana having parental issue (keeping with the theme in LOST) and lacks a father figure (which explains her devotion to Jacob).
  • I took Shannon’s story about an evil stepmother and feeling worthless (explains why Ilana feels she has something t0 prove).
  •  I made her an ‘escort’ for someone to get her on board a cruise ship which capsized and brought her to the Island (I think it would be a nice nod to Sayid’s encounter with Ilana at the bar. Sayid asked if she was a professional prostitute)
  • I made her be the one responsible for breaking the circle of ash around the Cabin. Originally, I wanted Henry Gale to be responsible but I just thought it would be a good excuse for Ilana to leave the Island and her desire to win back Jacob. I rewatched the scene where Bram pointed out the broken ash circle and Ilana just stood there looking at it. I saw it as Ilana feeling guilty and she volunteered to go into the Cabin alone afterwards.

Olivia Goodspeed. Now I needed to explain Ilana’s mysterious group. I wanted to give Olivia Goodspeed some closure so I came up with her creating ‘Ilana’s group’ or as I call it here, the Jacobins.


I came up with this epilogue since I began writing this Fanfic. I wrote it while I was writing Chapter 6. It is good to finally publish it! The story began with The Island and it ends with The Island as well. I mean, it is afterall ‘The Story of The Island’ right?

But what I also wanted to do was to encourage readers to watch the show from the beginning again right after finishing my story. This is NOT the definitive take on LOST’s mythology, of course. It is my personal take on it and you decide whether to accept my take or not. But if you decide to accept my take on it then hopefully it can enhance your experience when you watch the whole series again.

Thank you for reading and I can now let go a big part of LOST in me 🙂

PS: I didn’t find a place to put in the ‘Canoe shooting’ scene. It’s not important to the overall story but if you are curious in my theory – I think Juliet shot one of Ilana’s men while they were on a boat with an unconscious Frank. Between episode ‘Dead is dead’ and ‘The Incident’ in Season 5.


FINALLY!! The long overdue new chapter

I have a confession: I sort of moved on from LOST.

I still love ‘Lost’ but struggled to continue writing new chapters. Why? Because I didn’t have the excitement about the show in me anymore. I ‘moved on’ with other things in my life.

Then I started my first full Series Rewatch. Despite following this show for the past six years since season 1, I have never done any kind of marathon whatsoever. I’ve only seen few episodes on reruns on TV and rewatch my favourite scenes on Youtube. For a long time, I only have the Season 1 DVD because I was waiting for the show to end so that I can buy the complete series set.

Finally, after a year from the series finale and after recently graduated from university, I have finally started my full Series Rewatch. It got me back into the LOST groove again and I began writing the new chapter.

I’ve always been interested in the story of the power players like Hawking, Widmore and Ben. I already had rough ideas on what their story is but the chapter ended up longer than I expected. One of the reason for that was because I was writing this chapter WHILE re-watching Season 3 to 5. So some new ideas came to me as I was writing the chapter.

I’m happy to present to you ‘Chapter 6 – Lost Time’. It covers a lot of ground from Hawking’s mission to Widmore’s intentions and clarify some of Ben’s actions. There is also a special section on Desmond’s special ability.

Chapter 6 – LOST TIME


Ps: I’m currently at Season 5 Episode 12 – Dead is Dead. I’ll probably write the next chapter (the final chapter!!) while watching Season 6. It will focus on Jacob and the Man in Black while shedding light on things like Dogen and Illana. So I think it would be cool to write while watching season 6 🙂

Chapter 5!!

Sorry for the delay. Done with assignments and exams…and now for the new chapter!



This chapter is basically my attempt in filling in the gap between the Incident and the Purge. It is the most difficult chapter for me yet because I have many ideas about the time period between those two events and I was trying to figure out how to fit them in a chapter.

– Covers many areas/people – Widmore, Alvar, Richard, DHARMA, Horace

– I’ve always been interested in the possible causes of the Purge. I sort of set up a challenge for myself when the previous chapter ended with Richard/Others and Horace/DHARMA looking like they have some sort of mutual understanding. What I need to do was to figure out how things went to shit afterwards.

– Wanted to explore some dark side to Horace. This was a guy who went apeshit when he found his wife still possessing her ex-husband’s necklace, got drunk and played with dynamites. Also would give Ethan a good excuse to have daddy issues (like they all do in the story).

– Alvar Hanso was a tricky one. We never heard about what happened to him in the show and the events in LOST Experience with Rachel Blake were not canon. I came up with this interesting idea for him related to Richard that gave a nice closure to Alvar’s story.

– the beginning with Eloise and Widmore mirrors the Ben and Widmore exchange. It was also my attempt at giving more backstory to the Eloise/Widmore exchange in Season 5 episode, The Variable.

– There is a great debate on what year did the Purge happen. According to the ghost of Horace, it’s 1992 while the Lost encyclopedia said it’s 1987. I believe it was in 1992 because Kelvin Inman joined the DI right after 1991 Gulf War and he knew about the Hostiles and had some idea on wearing hazmat suits because of the use of poisonous gas during the Purge.

But what about Rousseau’s crew then?? They came in 1988 so they must’ve met the DI right?? I explained that the DI lost a lot of territories since the 1977 so there is a possibility that she never met any DI members.

BUT wouldn’t she be affected by the poisonous gas? She’s far from the targeted area (barracks) to be affected.

Hope you enjoy the new chapter! I’ll be away on holiday in the next few weeks so don’t expect any new chapters anytime soon. As of now, I’m planning about 3 more chapters.

One year anniversary of the Lost Series Finale

It’s exactly one year since the series finale of LOST and I’ve been waiting for this date to publish this special page I’ve made months ago.

Joseph Campbell Hero’s Journey on LOST

For those of you who don’t know….Joseph Campbell studied the mythologies of the world and came up with a story structure that he believed all great heroic myths follow. He called it the Hero’s Journey or Monomyth. It was popularized by George Lucas when he followed the steps for the first Star Wars movies  and it was also modified by Christopher Vogler for application in screenwriting.

The obvious place to look for a monomyth structure in LOST would be in Jack’s journey. But I also took a look at Locke’s journey because it was interesting in how his story followed the monomyth closely but he didn’t know that he was manipulated in the latter parts of what he believed to be his ‘heroic journey’.

Click here for the Hero’s Journey in LOST.

PS: Again, don’t expect any new chapters until end of May

No chapters until late May

Obviously, I haven’t been working on this site for a while now. I’m currently busy with finishing up my final year dissertation and revising for the exams.

So don’t expect a new chapter until around late May when I’m done with exams.

But I do have a rough plan on what’s to come:

Chapter 5 will be set within the period between the Incident and the Purge. Expect to read more about the interaction between Dharma and the Others and how Widmore, Richard, Horace and Hanso factor into Dharma’s eventual demise.

Chapter 6 is currently planned to explore Eloise Hawking and her mission after leaving the Island. As you all know, it involves Desmond. Widmore will also play some part too. The chapter may cover a long period of time from 1977 to 2007 when Widmore brought Desmond back to the Island.

I have vague plans about other things like Dogen, the Temple, Illana and her group. I still haven’t figure out whether it would cover several chapters or combine them (most likely the latter – as much as it’s tempting to basically do whatever you want with Ilana’s mysterious group, it’s one of those thins in the show that doesn’t really interest me as much as the whole ‘Hanso-Dharma-Others-Widmore-Hawking’ arc)

I want to have a chapter on MIB’s actual plan of attack on Jacob. I have ideas but I’ll sort those things into a coherent chapter later on. OR I could weave it with Dogen’s or Ilana’s story. I’ll think about those things later…we’ll see

There’s a really really small chance that I’ll touch upon the nature of the Flash-sideways. I think it’s connected to the Island and the Source. I believe the Flash-sideways is only reserved to those who were connected with Island. It’s not an “afterlife” or purgatory for everyone in the planet 😛

Is there an ending to this story?? YES. I know what to write for the final short chapter. But I have to get through 3-4 chapters more before I write it. No wait, I’m just gonna write it now and save it in my computer 😛

After May, I don’t expect the wait between the chapters to be that long because I have a lot free time to write them.
I do have some ideas on a another Lost related story after I’m done with this one but I highly doubt I’ll do it. Actually, I predict that I would be ready to let go of LOST once I finish with ‘The Story of the Island’
Thank you for reading and the support for the Chapters that I’ve put up so far 🙂

Lost Mashups

Favourite LOST mash up trailers:

Batman Begins – Sawyer centric

The Dark Knight – Sayid centric

Avatar – Locke centric

Inception – Jack centric

Lord of the Rings